Well, here I'll write somethings about my feeling for this control.

First of all, I would like to thank all of you that access this project and even downloaded it.

Second of all, here are my planning for this control:

1 - Finish as soon as possible the method that will make possible to work with the data of the control. This is essential cause this work is the hardest one. I've already wrote a lot of code for this and now I fell that I can write a real good code.

2 - Increase the number os properties been suported by the controls inside the cells.

3 - Evaluate some other great solutions to make this control flexible and extensible. Just for mention, I've been testing some code to convert this control to support Templates, just the way datagrid (1.1) and gridview does. And I was looking under reflection to make possible to put a lot of controls inside the grid.

4 - As soon the method to return values is working, I'll do my best to put this control under production in my day job, so the improovements and the features will be more and more consistents and constants.

So, that's it, I hope all of you are enjoying this control as I am!

See ya and leave your comments, please.


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